Friday, March 17, 2006

Which rookies would get my cookies?

I recently stumbled across some scans of Sox rookie cards. The pics are so hysterical that I have to share them. But, who wants to just post a bunch of pictures? Not me, dammit! So, I've come up with a fun little game. It's time to play the first round of "Which Rookies Would Get My Cookies?"

I'll start with the Starters.

Check out the 'stache on our ace!

Who does he think he is, Hitler?
Sorry, Curt. No cookies for you.

But look at Wake!

I hope that boy has a sweet tooth....

Uh oh, here comes trouble...

Dear lord, no.

Would I perhaps cement the deal with Clement?

Ummm...those ears might be hard to overlook.

And check out my boy-o Arroyo!

That's not even a picture! Sorry, cartoons don't get my cookies.

And to close things out...

No way. Not if he's gonna make a face like that!

Guess Tim's the only rookie who'd win in this round.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Which Rookie Would Get My Cookies?

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