Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Which rookies would get my cookies? Part II

And now for another installment of everyone's favorite game, "Which rookies would get my cookies?"!!!! Yay!

As you may recall from the last episode, Wakefield was the only pitcher who would have gotten my cookies as a rookie. And Arroyo wouldn't have, because his rookie card featured a freaky cartoon version of Bronson. But, in honor of Bronson's first homerun on his new team, tonights installment will be dedicated to homerun hitters. Of which the Sox have 3 so far.

Drum roll please...

HELL NO! Everyone knows I don't "date" Yankees fans!


Big Papi!!!

Do you think he likes it when girls call him Papi? Actually, I can definitely picture myself eating some big old Tollhouse cookies with Papi. Eating cookies. Not giving them.

And the grand finale...


He also used this image as his soap-opera head shot. In case the baseball thing didn't pan out.
I definitely wouldn't have given him any cookies when he was a rookie, because my sister would have had first dibbs on him. She loves Trot. He's not my type, anyway.

Sorry to disappoint. No 2006 homerun hitters would have gotten my cookies as rookies. But, maybe Loretta will hit one soon. So, there is hope.

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