Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hottest Baseball Players: #9

Sorry for the delay, folks. Technical difficulties delayed the posting of the List of Hotness. But now it's time to throw the heat.

So, without further ado...

The 9th hottest baseball player is...

Carlos Beltran

Why do I love Carlos Beltran?

Well, how could I not?

He hit 41 homeruns last season.

He won the Golden Glove...

He can jump wicked high.

He has the most adorable dimples.

But he's hot even when the dimples aren't showing.

Pedro loves him.

He can pull off the jersey-over-the-suit look. That's tough!

I'd trade Manny Ramirez for Carlos in a heart beat. How's that sound, Carlos?

He'd look awesome in a Sox uniform. In fact, if he were wearing a Sox uniform, he'd be much higher on this list. Somewhere around...

Number 1!!!

Too bad, Carlos. You're stuck at number 9.

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Blogger Westguy Yadont said...

baseball rules...and those were some pretty funny pics...good job man

1:33 AM  

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