Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jon Lester beats cancer, Colorado, and wins the Conigliaro award

Jon Lester just won the Tony Conigliaro award, which is given to one player each year who has overcome adversity. As you all know, Lester was diagnosed with large-cell lymphoma last year during his rookie season. He beat cancer and battled his way back up to the majors this season. Lester took the mound for Game 4 of the World Series and pitched the Red Sox to victory.

Tony Conigliaro was an outfielder for the Red Sox. At the age of 22, he was selected for the 1967 All-Star Team. In that season, he also became the youngest American League player to reach a career total of 100 home runs. His season took a turn for the worse on August 18th, when he was hit by a pitch on the left cheekbone. With a broken cheek and considerable damage to his eye, Tony's career looked like it might be over.

But on opening day of the 1969 season, Tony took the field at Fenway and managed a true comeback. Despite his poor vision, which resulted from his injury, he hit 20 homeruns that season, and earned the Comeback Player of the Year award.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Lowell loves that dirty water.

Mikey Lowell reportedly turned down a 4 year, $50 million offer from Philly so he could sign with Boston for 3 years, at $37.5 million. He must really love us!

I'm so glad he's staying! Curt's glad, too.

He fits right in here, doesn't he?

I took that picture from the blog of a woman who loves to take photographs at Sox games. Her pictures are gorgeous. She has tons from the celebration when the Sox clinched the AL East. I'd be committing a crime against Red Sox Nation if I didn't post a link to the rest of her photos, so go check them out. She has the best shots I've seen from that celebration.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is taking so long?

The Sox and Mikey Lowell have been negotiating for like 2 weeks now. Why is it taking so long? This is my idea of what must be happening behind closed doors.

Mikey: I want 4 years.
Theo: We'll give you 3.
Mikey: But I want 4.
Theo: But we're offering you 3.
Mikey: But, don't you like me?
Theo: Yes, very much.
Mikey: Then give me 4 years!
Theo: We'd prefer to give you 3.
Mikey: You're not being nice.
Theo: Yes we are.
Mikey: No, you're not.
Theo: Yes we are.
Mikey: Nuh uh.
Theo: Yah huh.
Mikey: Meanie.
Theo: Do you wanna play on our team or not?
Mikey: Yeah.
Theo: Then stop calling me names.
Mikey: Then give me 4 years.
Theo: No.
Mikey: Yes.
Theo: Nope.
Mikey: Come on!
Theo: We'll give you 3.
Mikey: But I want 4.
Theo: We'll give you 3.
Mikey: You stink.
Theo: I know.
Mikey: What's one more year to you?
Theo: Well, what's it to you?
Mikey: I want to play for 4 years!
Theo: Well, what's it like to want?
Mikey: Come on. Just do it.
Theo: No
Mikey: You don't want me to sign with the Skankees, do you?
Theo: Why not? Look at how well that worked out for Johnny!
Mikey: That was a low blow.
Theo: I know.
Mikey: But seriously, I want 4 years.
Theo: We'll give you 3.
Mikey: You mean 4.
Theo: No, just 3.
Mikey: Pretty please?
Theo: No.
Mikey: Pretty please with sugar on top?
Theo: We'll give you 3, Mike. That's it.
Mikey: You're not being very nice.
Theo: It's not my job to be nice.
Mikey: But, I'm the World Series MVP!
Theo: Congratulations.
Mikey: That stands for Most Valuable Player!
Theo: Yes, I know what it stands for.
Mikey: Don't I deserve 4 years?
Theo: In 3 years, maybe we'll offer you another year.
Mikey: But why not save yourself the trouble and do it now.
Theo: We can't, Mike.
Mikey: Why not?
Theo: Because you're getting old, Mike.
Mikey: Ouch.
Theo: Sorry.
Mikey: You didn't need to point that out.
Theo: But, it's true.
Mikey: You really hurt my feelings, Theo.
Theo: I'm sorry, Mike.
Mikey: Sorry just won't cut it.
Theo: That's a shame.
Mikey: You could make it up to me by giving me 4 years.
Theo: We'll give you 3. Maybe we can throw in a few bottles of Just for Men haircolor.
Mikey: Really?
Theo: If it would help.
Mikey: That's tempting...
Theo: I thought it might be.
Mikey: How about 4 years plus the Just for Men.
Theo: We'll give you 3.
Mikey: Okay, 4 years and no Just for Men.
Theo: 3 years, Mike. That's it.
Mikey: I want 4 years.
Theo: We'll give you 3.
Mikey: 4.
Theo: 3.
Mikey: 4.
Theo: No.
Mikey: Dammit!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Papelbon, Manny, and Papi making the late night rounds

In case you missed it...

The Papel-bomb on Letterman

Manny on Leno

Big Papi on Conan

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