Friday, March 16, 2007

Hottest Baseball Players: #2

Woah, we're getting close to number 1.
And number 2 is so hot that I can barely even handle it.
Seriously, I'm throwing the heat today.

The 2nd hottest baseball player is.......

Joe Mauer

You all probably thought he was gonna be number 1, right?
I must admit, it was a close call. Practically a coin toss.

I'm not gonna say much about Joe Mauer, because words don't do him any justice. The pics speak for themselves.

Have you ever seen baseball cards look this hot?

He's, like, the hottest thing ever (well, the 2nd hottest thing).

Oh, and he's really good at baseball!

He needs to stretch really well... he can do this...

(Tripping a Yankee = HOT)

and this...

(Tripping Frank Thomas = ouch! There's a reason they call him The Big Hurt!)

Did I mention that he's a really good hitter?

He's the 2006 batting champ.

He walks tall and carries a...

I'm really writing too much. Let's just gaze at him...


Here he is, just hanging.

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